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Zara Realty: Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Hunting, Part 1

June 12, 2013

At Zara Realty, we are proud to offer a wide range of living accommodations and amenities to our tenants. However, finding an apartment that has every convenience and feature your family requires is no easy feat. Follow our two-part guide to apartment hunting, where we discuss tips and features to keep in mind as you set out to find a new place to live.

1. Rely on Apartment Search Services
Almost all cities feature apartment-hunting services that help you find a place to live based on your specifications. These services aggregate plenty of helpful resources, allowing you to collect as much information as possible before you head out to visit locations.

2. Plan a Rent Budget
Deciding on an apartment with five bedrooms, an on-site fitness center, swimming pool, and other amenities sounds wonderful, but does the rent fit your budget? When searching for apartments, find out the rent for each place you visit. Ideally, your rent should not exceed one-third of your income; you will need money for other expenses such as groceries, cable and Internet, and unforeseen circumstances such as car repairs.

3. Arranging Showings
Some people believe weekdays are ideal for apartment showings, as neighborhoods tend to be quieter with everyone at work. While true, those conditions do not provide an accurate sampling of what life will be like on the weekends. Arrange showings on Saturdays and Sundays to get an accurate idea of the noise level you can expect while your fellow tenants are enjoying their relaxation time. Ask your guide questions about noise levels, quiet hours, and other noise-related concerns.

4. Drop by Unannounced
You should never visit someone’s home without calling ahead, but in the case of apartment complexes, feel free to explore your potential neighborhood outside the parameters of showings. Make a point of visiting during a few weeknights as well as Saturday and Sunday evenings. As you visit, consider the noise and traffic level and any activities that may be too loud and boisterous for your tastes.

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