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Zara Realty on the Queens Art Express Festival 2012

July 9, 2013

Zara Realty provides safe, well-maintained, comfortable apartments to New York residents who seek to live east of Manhattan. With headquarters in Jamaica, Queens, Zara Realty employs knowledgeable agents who understand all of the rich cultural offerings available in Queens.

In mid-June, the Queens Art Express Festival brought together some of the borough’s most innovative young artists. The multidisciplinary festival held exhibitions in Jamaica, Flushing, Long Island City, and other nearby neighborhoods. The artists who participated in the festival used media such as dance, music, poetry, and sculpture to make their commentaries on public policy. Performance themes included housing reform, homelessness, and the economy.

With affordable housing, a rich cultural life, and a vibrant, diverse, local community, Queens continues to attract artists, businesspeople, and others who want to enjoy the excitement of life in New York without the high prices and congestion of Manhattan. For more information on finding a high-quality apartment in Queens, contact Zara Realty at http://www.zararealty.com.

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