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Queens County Market News, by Zara Realty

July 27, 2013

Zara Realty offers luxury homes and apartments for rent in Queens and Long Island. Here, the company highlights a community event in Long Island City.

The Queens County Market, a monthly event in the borough, recently announced a move to Long Island City, a neighborhood in the Queens borough. Many of the products sold at the market are already manufactured in the area, making it a strong choice that deepens the market’s community connections.

The Market features a wide variety of local vendors who come to Queens from all over the world. As a result, the market features a breadth of international treats. Sweet Silk, a bakery run by Shefalee Patel, infuses traditional Indian foods with French elements. Veda’s Cakes and Catering features Guyanese traditional foods created by Veda Sukhu, and Gloribell Taveras and Susana Columna create traditional and adventurous empanadas at Chulita’s Famous. These and other treats can be found on weekends at the Queens County Market, likely enjoyed by many who live in Zara Realty housing.

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