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Why Live in Queens?

August 15, 2013

Based in Jamaica, New York, Zara Realty specializes in renting beautiful and spacious luxury apartments and condominiums in the Queens and Long Island areas of New York City. Queens is rapidly becoming a popular place for apartment hunters who otherwise have difficulties finding housing in New York that suits their needs. It can be a great place to live in for a number of reasons.

1. It is more affordable to live in Queens than it is in Manhattan. The average apartment rent per month is substantially cheaper and other expenses such as utilities, food, and the general cost of living are lower, as well.

2. Queens has a diverse population and an incredible cultural variety. It is an excellent choice for renters who are looking for a niche culture or who just want to experience different cultures. It is particularly well known for having a large number of ethnic restaurants.

3. It has a number of arts and cultural opportunities and offers some of the best free events in New York City, including free museum visits, outdoor music and dance performances, international film screenings, and arts festivals.

Queens is at an incredibly commutable distance from Manhattan and is a 20-minute train ride into Midtown. People can live in Queens and commute easily to Manhattan everyday for work.

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