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Tips for Finding an Affordable Apartment in a High-rent Area

September 4, 2013 Leave a comment

New York-based Zara Realty built its business on the premise of assisting clients in locating clean, safe, and affordable apartments in the desirable borough of Queens and neighboring Long Island. As the staff at Zara Realty knows, in an urban setting, finding apartments to meet this criteria is not always easy. However, sometimes thinking outside the box can help a person find the right apartment at a reasonable cost.

Two related tricks for saving on monthly rent involve eyes and ears. Tenants who can tolerate an ugly view or a bit more noise might have the chance to score a cheaper place to live. Apartments that face construction sites, bridges, tunnels, or highways are less desirable than those facing the park or even the street. Likewise, apartments located above a restaurant or those on a busy intersection with increased noise levels can potentially rent for less.

Also, the vast majority of leases end in the summer. Few people look to move during the winter months when slush and snow can make hauling a hassle. The result is that building managers and owners might be more willing to negotiate a cheaper rate to fill a vacancy, which increases a renter’s opportunity to find an awesome apartment for less.


Helpful Tips from Zara Realty: Renting an Apartment? What to Expect

Be prepared to provide information for a background check, including previous addresses, bank account numbers, and Social Security number. Often, apartment management companies request personal and professional references.

Read the apartment lease agreement carefully before signing. Utilities such as garbage, water, and electricity are sometimes, but not always, included in the rent. The lease should include the monthly rent and due date; any deposits for pets, cleaning, or damage; length of the lease, requirements for termination, and fees for moving out early. The lease should also outline procedures for maintenance requests, guest policies, and acceptable number of occupants. Reading through the document carefully can prevent unexpected surprises. If you have questions or concerns, do not be afraid to ask.

Walk through the apartment with the manager. Make a detailed list of any problems, not limited to cracked plaster, leaky faucets, nonworking appliances, missing light fixtures, sticky drawers or windows, or stained carpets. Ask the manager to sign the list and be sure to keep a copy; doing so ensures that you will not be charged for these repairs at move-out time.

Pay your rent by check, especially the first month. Note the address and apartment number on the check. If you must pay by cash, make sure you get a detailed receipt.

Zara Realty specializes in spacious, amenity-rich homes. From the company’s main office on Jamaica, New York’s Hillside Ave., Zara Luxury Apartments and Homes provides residents of the Jamaica area of Long Island with a wide selection of convenient, comfortable apartment options.